Renovate Our Port Chester Open Door Location

The Need

As our busiest location, our Sound Shore hub in Port Chester serves close to 18,000 patients each year, a 125% increase from when the facility opened. The need for Open Door health care in the region now exceeds what we currently have the capacity to offer. The advancement of our model of care, including a busy dental practice and residency program, has led to cramped quarters and inefficient patient flow.

5 Grace Church Street

On this facility’s two floors, we offer primary care, women’s health, podiatry, optometry, behavioral health, wellness services, a residency program, and an extremely busy dental practice. The current configuration is fragmented and disconnected. Many exam rooms lack adequate space for consultations, team communication, or work among multiple clinicians. As we receive new patients from surrounding communities and through our partnership with Family Services of Westchester, these problems will only become more pressing.

Our Plans

With careful planning and design, we can solve our Sound Shore space needs without the expense of a brand new facility in Port Chester.

We will redesign and optimize space within our Port Chester building’s existing footprint, including:

  • Flexibly designed exam rooms to allow for evolving needs.
  • Efficient, dedicated space for medical, dental, behavioral, and optometry services.
  • Clinical rooms dedicated to specialty services grouped on the same floor.
  • An increased number of dental exam rooms.
  • A new dental service space to house the dental residency program.
  • Multipurpose rooms for group classes, trainings, and food distribution.
  • Care team workspaces designed for collaboration and telehealth services.

This redesigned layout allows us to provide patients with the breadth of services they need to lead healthy lives. With the community’s support, we can reach even more neighbors in an updated Port Chester facility.

Learn more about the 50 More Campaign and connect with Open Door directly

Please join us as we embark on our 50 More Campaign to create a continuum of care for all our neighbors, including those who often lack access to high-quality health care. Your contributions ensure that Open Door’s next half-century will be even more impactful than the last.

Elisabeth Gilbert
Senior Director of Development