About Open Door Family Medical Center

Open Door Effect

We believe that when you help one person, you can lift up an entire community. That’s the Open Door Effect, and it’s how we extend the benefits of quality health care throughout Westchester, Putnam, and Ulster counties.

When people maintain good health, there are fewer school and work absences and fewer visits to local emergency rooms. As each Open Door patient becomes better equipped to manage his or her health, health care costs are lowered for everyone. Chronic diseases are managed better, and expensive treatments become less necessary. But more importantly: people feel better every day.

The Open Door Effect depends on health care that is accessible, affordable, patient-centered, and far-reaching. Prevention is a key component of the “Open Door Effect,” which is why we’ve expanded our wellness services to improve patients’ lifestyles. Whether it is blood pressure control, prevention of diabetes, reduction of asthma severity, cancer screenings or maintaining appropriate body mass index, our efficient model of health care achieves clinical results that consistently surpass national benchmarks for patient outcomes.

It’s through the Open Door Effect that we accomplish our goal of building healthier communities and finding health care solutions for all – one patient at a time.