Career, Intern and Volunteer Opportunities at Open Door Family Medical Centers

Volunteer Application Requirements

Many Open Door programs rely on the support of both  ongoing and occasional volunteers.  As a  health organization, we have several volunteer requirements that must be completed for volunteers prior to working on an  ongoing basis in our health centers and administrative offices. Candidates for ongoing volunteer positions and college internships must have a  social security or permanent resident number.
Application Requirements:
  • Ongoing volunteers must be an adult, college student or high school student age 15 or older
  • Volunteers 18 years and older will have a background check performed by Open Door
  • Medical clearance requires documentation of Immunizations
  • Completion of an online OHSA training
  • Sign a Volunteer Service Agreement and Pledge of Confidentiality
Availability of Volunteer Positions
Open Door appreciates community members’ desire to assist in our efforts. However, we are not always able to place every candidate. When your  application  is received, the Volunteer Office will contact you to discuss your interests. If a volunteer position is available to match both your interest and Open Doors’ needs, we will forward a volunteer application to you.
Please Note:
  • Open Door currently only offers college internships.
  • Open Door does not offer shadowing of medical professionals or clinical experience.
  • Open Door is not able to use medical professional volunteers in direct patient care.